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The customer engagement platform

Get in touch with your customers in the moments that matter.

Engagement Center

Configurable inboxes for any digital source, sophisticated workflows, granular routings with machine learning; everything it takes to offer a great customer experience.


In a world of social sharing, managing a brand is a complex activity. Social listening allows you to act at exactly the right time.


Involve your customers! Build reserved areas where they can be engaged in cooperation, support and branding projects, and much more.

Dedicated and specialised solutions by department,
business type and scope of utilisation.

Customer Care

Handling a higher number of requests from customers, with shorter delays, lower service costs and a continuous end-to-end experience.

Digital Marketing

Connecting the CRM with the marketing strategy and providing data in support of the digital marketing choices in order to best manage thFe company’s beating heart: its brand.

Digital PR

Evaluating the results of every digital action; segmenting media, authors and channels; understanding the impact of influencers: these are the tasks for the press office of the future.


Adaptable tools for business workflows to manage huge bulks of data as well as information fragmentation, with easy connections to internal systems.


Agencies are at the core of the customers’ digital processes. Customers demand results: our tools allow for the best operability of their digital strategies.

System Integrators

We actively cooperate with system integrators to generate value by integrating our services in other systems, also via API.

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Chorally is an enterprise platform dedicated to customer engagement, an innovation tool in the enterprise environment, from customer center to marketing, through advanced sales and press offices.