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To us, agencies are preferential partners. They lie at the core of our customers’ digital processes.

We cooperate with the main Italian and international agencies to generate value and assist them in managing their enterprise customers. We have a product and offer line dedicated to agencies in order to help them face day-to-day challenges which arise from handling social channels.

Social Goveranance

Handling different segregated customers on one platform, thus allowing for optimal resource allocation.

Allowing on the platform smooth escalations towards the companies’ organisational bodies in order to obtain answers to customers’ questions and synergically manage digital PR and CRM.

Allowing for an easy time-sheeting of the work done, with short response delays and high efficiency in cost control.

Social Analytics

Our social analytics allow you to check quantitative performances on the main social networks (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, G+, Linkedin, Pinterest).
Control fan rates, response delays, interaction typologies, most successful contents.

Use our listening engine to get information about your brand’s health:

  • What is being said about my company?
  • What is the perception about my products?
  • What recurring problems do my customers face?
  • Does customer experience live up to my customers’ expectations?

Chorally listening allows you to analyse posts in any language, be it Italian, Japanese, Russian or Arabic.

Marketing / CRM

Connect CRM with the marketing strategy, provide data in support of the digital marketing choices and best manage the company’s beating heart: its brand.
In order to create effective campaigns you need to understand what your audience likes; Chorally helps you to identify your audience, disaggregating it by demographic data such as interests and occupation, and to understand what are the most suitable channels to disseminate your contents.

Bot Integration

Chorally has a BOT interface allowing for an extremely quick integration of BOTs from any technology. You will be able to integrate your BOTs – whatever their technology – in order to carry out:

  • Lead Qualifications
  • Customer services
  • Product showcase
  • Games

Our connection APIs allow integration with efforts of minutes, not days. Contact us for further information.