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We are proud to announce a strategic partnership with SpazioDati to help companies make the most of services and solutions in digital and web CRM monitoring, leveraging the power of Chorally’s analysis engine and the quality of Dandelion API semantic technology, unique in Italy and perhaps Europe.

“The integration of semantic capability provided by SpazioDati brings us in a leading market position in the field of digital CRM and web monitoring on the Italian market ” – Fabio Castronuovo, CEO Chorally

The benefits of the partnership include:

  • Through Chorally’s sophisticated automation features, companies will perform real-time analysis and alerts also leveraging text based semantic analysis;
  • Chorally’s customers will be able to activate the semantic analysis service with a new monthly consumption model plan directly from the web based platform;
  • Chorally becomes the reference platform for monitoring and data analysis in the Italian market, thanks to the integration of a semantic engine in combination with machine learning and tag-based classification;
  • Availability of an engine with more than 10 million semantic entities and with instant activation on languages such as: English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

We will use Dandelion API within our own platform, enhancing the capabilities in the field of Entity Extraction, Similarity Text, Text Classification, Language Detection and Sentiment Analysis, making the service fully transparent to the final customer.

“The choice of a partner like Chorally, leader in Italy in the domain of social CRM, is for us a crucial step” – Gabriele Antonelli, President SpazioDati – “to extend semantic technologies of SpazioDati into new markets and huge potential in the country and abroad.”