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Tools tailored on business workflows to manage huge bulks of data, information fragmentation and connections to internal systems.

Product Feedbacks

Collect and organise feedbacks from multiple sources in order to provide a clear and usable display of the users’ feedbacks. Get rid of guesswork while you develop your product and quickly respond to the users’ needs. Analyse contents from the web to answer the following issues:

  • Strong / weak points of your product
  • Strong / weak points of your competitors’ products

Build an extensive business where knowledge is integrated into the company’s knowledge base.

Competitive Intelligence

Compare information between brands / products / countries / geographical areas. Use predefined dashboards to obtain useful insights in seconds, or collect information in a customised dashboard.

  • How am I perceived compared to my competitors?
  • Are my products competitive in terms of value / price?
  • What are the best practices outside my country?

Once dashboards and reports are created, share them with the members of your company’s different teams to always keep them updated with a single click.

Talent Scouting

Find the most influential people, those who can make a difference when integrated in your company staff. Find out which topics they discuss and how they discuss them; find out whether or not they are in tune with the corporate culture, whether or not they already interact with your competitors.

Our listening system offers a realtime overview of communities by discussion subject and topic.