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Listening to customers’ voice and being able to relate with them in the best possible way, is the key of a successful business strategy.

The web offers a huge amount of data on customers’ needs, interests and preferences and it’s essential for a company to be able to explore, analyse and process those informations correctly, in order to gain a competitive edge and enhance the relationship with customers.

Data Science Day 2016, the first Italian event about Data Science, will give you the chance to approach and examine in depth the world of Data Science and the Data Scientist profession.

Workshop will be hosted by our colleagues Maurizio Mesenzani (founder and sales director) and Andrea Perlato ( Data Scientist) in collaboration with Mario Massone (founder of Club CMMC).

When and where

Tuesday 15th March 2016 Palazzo delle Stelline – Corso Magenta 61, Milano


First part – 9.00 – 13.00

  • What is ” data science”: introduction
  • Data Scientist: skills and activities
  • Data “Collection” and data visualization
  • How to display and represent data

Second part – 14.00  -17.00

  • Working with numbers
  • Probabilities and statistical inferences
  • Stastitical models: linear regression, clustering and social network analysis
  • Case studies: affinities and betweenness centrality