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Digital Marketing

Connecting the CRM with the marketing strategy and providing data in support of the digital marketing choices in order to best manage the company’s beating heart: its brand.

Brand Monitoring

Use our listening engine to get information about your brand’s health:

  • What is being said about my company?
  • What is the perception about my products?
  • What recurring problems do my customers face?
  • Does customer experience live up to my customers’ expectations?

Our system aggregates information from digital channels (social networks, blogs, forums, etc.) and provides you with detailed views to understand trends, analyse traffic peaks and best manage your online communication.

Chorally listening allows you to analyse posts in any language, be it Italian, Japanese, Russian or Arabic.

Competitive Intelligence

Compare information between brands / products / countries / geographical areas. Use predefined dashboards to obtain useful insights in seconds, or collect information in a customised dashboard.

  • How am I perceived compared to my competitors?
  • Are my products competitive in terms of value / price?
  • What are the best practices outside my country?

Once dashboards and reports are created, share them with the members of your company’s different teams to always keep them updated with a single click.

Track Marketing Campaigns

In order to create effective campaigns you need to understand what your audience likes; Chorally helps you to identify your audience, disaggregating it by demographic data such as interests and occupation, and to understand what are the most suitable channels to disseminate your contents.

A complete set of tools to assess and improve the performances of your campaigns.

Influencer Engagement

Find influencers who can magnify the impact of your messages; identify who can really make a difference for your brand by changing the way it is perceived and bringing results in terms of reach and visibility.

Our listening system can provide an immediate overview of the community discussions by topic and subject.