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Press Office

Evaluating the results of every digital action; segmenting media, authors and channels; understanding the impact of influencers: these are the tasks for the press office of the future.

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Crisis Management

Online conversations strongly impact your most valuable asset: your brand’s reputation. It’s impossible to manually monitor such conversations: Chorally allows you to automate the process without missing a single information!

In the sea of web contents, singling out weak signals is crucial. Through our alerting systems on events, thresholds, sentiment, influence, you can identify potentially critical situations for your brand as soon as they emerge.

Activate alerts, granularly filter information to avoid drowning in useless alerts. Highlight what really matters.

Influencer Engagement

Find influencers who can magnify the impact of your messages; identify who can really make a difference for your brand by changing the way it is perceived and bringing results in terms of reach and visibility.

Our listening system can provide an immediate overview of the community discussions by topic and subject.

Press Monitoring

Monitor the main local, national and international newspapers. With our international coverage you won’t miss out on neither contents about your brand nor crucial subjects for your company.

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