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Data Monitoring & Enrichments

Know what people think – Get deep insights into the public opinion on any topic from across the social web. Chorally integrates module to listen, analyze and compare web & social conversations about topics you want to discover/analyze.

Identify, match and enrich profiles and monitor conversations using any internal or external data source. Add as many sources and dimensions as you want to your data in order to enjoy the single, rich, view of data that powers the Chorally experience.

  • Powerful real-time social listening
  • Compare your position to the competition
  • Discover actionable insight about your market
  • Monitor your brand reputation in real-time

Realtime monitoring

Social media, forums, newspapers, email
Forms, livechat, website & app data
Enterprise/legacy systems
IoT i.e. smart meters, sensors

Profile enrichment

Relationship history
Social profile matching
Influencer scoring
Third party data i.e credit scoring

Conversation enrichment

Topic analysis
Sentiment analysis
Virality analysis

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Chorally is an enterprise platform devoted to customer engagement, an innovation for enterprise, from the customer center to marketing, from sales to an evolved press office.