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Open Collaboration

Let your customers and friends of your brand share their knowledge and passion. Through peer-to-peer support, crowdsourcing and co-creation we turn transactions into friendships.

Armed with mobile devices, your customers are engaging with you on more channels than before. Your brand experts have already established themselves as trustworthy advocates.

Empower your most knowledgeable brand experts to proactively assist customers, extend their advocacy to social and resolve your customers’ issues faster than ever.

  • Route 30% of customer requests to crowdsourcing.
  • Experience increased interaction satisfaction ratings
  • Reduce customer service costs by 20% or more!

peer-to-peer messaging

Smart user inbox
100% mobile

advocate engagement

Content creation, curation and sharing
Smart recommendations


Smart skills based routing
Social knowledge database

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Chorally is an enterprise platform devoted to customer engagement, an innovation for enterprise, from the customer center to marketing, from sales to an evolved press office.