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Smart Case Management

Automatically collect and organize customer interactions from every channel. Case filters arrange your cases into dynamic queues for easy organization and prioritization.

Create business rules to automatically assign cases, escalate time-sensitive ones, or identify high priority customers. Escalate high priority cases to managers, or send product issues to subject matter experts so customers get the best answers.

Categorize cases with labels, semantic data or machine learning for easy sorting and reporting, and use custom fields to add information unique to your business.

  • Multi channel management (social, email, forum, etc)
  • Automatic routing and external escalation
  • Language indipendent text analysis
  • Rich profile and conversation data

Smart inbox

Multi channel
Rich profile data
Rich conversation data
Inbox templates

Intelligent Routing

Machine learning
Continuous optimization
Skills based
Language independent


Shared workspace
Social knowledge database
Smart routing and escalation
KPI & Performance

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Chorally is an enterprise platform devoted to customer engagement, an innovation for enterprise, from the customer center to marketing, from sales to an evolved press office.