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Our consultants are there to help you get the best from our platform, train your agents, provide advanced services based on our platform.

Professional Services

Whether you need advice for users or long-term strategic counselling, you can count on a quick response from our consultants. Our licence includes flexible service packages to help your social business thrive, supporting you in:

  • Building monitors and observers on demand
  • Automating periodic reporting services
  • Managing spot reports on subjects of your interest
  • Advicing on the platform configuration processes
  • Optimising the customer service strategies through Machine Learning and smart routing


We like to cooperate with innovative companies and technology developers to create integrations which further improve our platform. Apply today to become a Chorally partner!

Why become Chorally Partner?

  • Revenue streams: Our partners take part in [benefit from] our profits. We help you create new flows of regular income for your company.
  • Seamless integration: We will immediately integrate your existing solutions. Chorally complements the apps, extensions and tools which you and your customers already use.
  • Complete training: Complete access to tools and resources to increase sales in any sector. Your partner manager will be there for you from onboard to training, marketing and co-selling.

Partners Programme

  • Annual planning and activity cycle for sales and marketing activities.
  • Certifications for consultants, trainers and developers (in our Florence offices!).
  • Wide availability of documents, best practices and use cases in the field of marketing.
  • Chorally licence plans with dedicated pricing.

Choosing a partnership with Chorally, leader in the field of Italian social CRM, is a crucial step for us to expand the semantic technologies of SpazioDati on new markets, both in Italy and abroad.

Gabriele Antonelli

President, Spazio Dati

Chiedi di essere partner di Chorally oggi stesso!

Customer Success

Per noi il successo dei nostri clienti è parte integrante del nostro successo. I nostri esperti vi aiuteranno nella configurazione, nella costruzione di nuove feature, nella formazione dei vostri agenti e collaboratori per utilizzare la piattaforma. La fiducia è parte integrante del prodotto non un’accessorio. I nostri esperti saranno al vostro fianco per evolvere la piattaforma e risolvere qualsiasi quesito.