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Attention to the customer experience is an increasingly important topic. In this sense, the benefits provided by technology are essential to obtain excellent results in customer engagement optics.

Information such as the sentiment of the discussions on social, profiling advanced new digital audience, enrichment of business demographic with the data of the same social users, real-time social media monitoring, allow company management to know who is driving online conversations on the markets, evaluate the importance and engaging them in conversations directly useful to the brand.

Smarter Engagement 2016

Smarter Engagement Conference, is the meeting that enables professionals to talk about innovation on major issues related to the data analysis and customer engagement. The event brings together innovative minds, business professionals, technology vendors, start-ups and academic, working with Science Data, Big Data, Social CRM and Data Analytics.

The event will be held May 20 in the Copernico space in Milan, a short walk from Central Station, from 9 to 17.

The program includes 2 contemporary track where you deal with issues such as semantic text analysis, machine learning, extracting metrics social and their chance of comparison, user involvement through gamification, the local based interaction, and more yet.

Speakers on the stage, like last year, coming from the most important Italian companies including media agencies, emerging Italian startup consultant and international networks.

Leave your tie at home. Come and share your ideas with colleagues, forge new partnerships and friendships!