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System Integrators

We support system integrators in generating value through the best available technology and through our APIs.

Data Rooms

Build data rooms using our APIs. Aggregate data from different sources and build sophisticated views to monitor events, criticalities, performances and any other dimension from both the social and the traditional world.

Bot Integration

Chorally has a BOT interface allowing for an extremely quick integration of BOTs from any technology. You will be able to integrate your BOTs – whatever their technology – in order to carry out:

  • Lead Qualifications
  • Customer services
  • Product showcase
  • Games

Our connection APIs allow integration with efforts of minutes, not days. Contact us for further information.

Legacy Integration

Your legacy CRM, built over years of advancements, can’t keep up with the fastness of digital channels. We will keep your social channels policies and integration strategies updated; through our APIs and webhooks we can almost effortlessly provide your systems all the information they need.

360-degrees customer knowledge, quick adaptation to the digital world.