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Security, to us, is an essential part of the product.

Your data are safe: we use the best available strategies to protect your data, which are saved on a proprietary datacenter.

Application security

Our Saas suite allows for:

  • Granular access to every feature
  • Logging actions performed on the system
  • Automatic banning of unauthorised access attempts

Sensitive data are conveniently segregated:

  • Password complexity configurable at will, to comply with even the strictest standards
  • IP Filtering on request
  • VPN on request
  • Infrastructure & availability

We are the owners of our proprietary infrastructure, so your data will be safe: they will not be handed out to third parties and will be stored in Italy under our full control.

We care for our systems’ reliabilty, that’s why we offer:

  • Total redundancy and complete and partial backup
  • Disaster Recovery Policy
  • Hardened servers, on private network
  • Service desk 24/7