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Managing the brand in a world of social sharing is a complex activity. Social listening makes you ready to act exactly when you need it.

Enterprise Monitor

Evaluate the perception about your online brand in only a few minutes. Obtain valuable information to guide your brand’s marketing and product strategy by listening to the opinions of online consumers.

Identify potential crises by setting up sophisticated alerts on volumes, topics, sentiment.

We have a comprehensive coverage of main social networks and online sites. Historical data available on request.

Our AI technology is based on Machine Learning, allowing us to analyse conversations drives, topics and sentiment with extreme accuracy. Our analysts will support you along the entire life-cycle of your project, from creation to analysis, so that you get the best product performance.

Command Center

View your data of interest in real time, tell our analysts what to evaluate (events, competition, brand awareness, sentiment , etc..) and display real time data on dedicated dashboards.

Display useful, high impact views on screen to evaluate your brand’s main KPIs.

Chorally Quick Search

Easily control online hashtags and keywords without having to build complex queries.

Easily view the performance of a given campaign or initiative in terms of reach, virality and sentiment.